Saturday, 23 March 2013

Philosophy and (Work) Ethics

So, term's over. Know how I feel? Gutted! I've had a really, really great time these last 9 weeks. They've been as intense as anything and on various occasions I've felt Atlas-esque when struggling with the workload, but it's all been worth it. Challenges have been overcome, new friends have been made, and I've enjoyed myself, again, so much more than I ever thought I would.

My last post was after the collections (mocks) that Oxford decide to foist on us whenever we return from vacation. I'd spent the winter holidays in a meandering funk and, as I detailed in the post, returning to uni to be greeted by the sight of two incomprehensible exam papers was a massive wakeup call. I can say now that I'm so, so glad that happened. The day after I finished the papers, I got up early and made my way to the fabled establishment known as the Social Sciences Library. In theory, this building should have been my second (or third) home. In theory.... and I'd probably been there twice during my first term?

As a result, the combination of constant academic pressure and actually physically placing myself in a vaguely public library with questionable WiFi set me back to doing something I hadn't done since Year 8 - actually doing the work when it was set. Totally foreign concept, right? I soon realised that the reputation for PPE students as 'lazy' is because, truth be told, we can probably get a low 2.1 comfortably without doing too much work. However, if we want to get beyond that, you need to do an unbelievable amount. It's hard; but it somehow clicked in my mind that this is university, and hard work is worth it. So, from the work-sleep-play triangle, I chose work for the first time in a while! No regrets yet.

What else? Well, I'm currently making plans for Freshers' Week 2013! I was elected Freshers' Week President for my college for 2013, which means I have the intimidating responsibility of trying to organise a week that ought to be at least as good as our amazing freshers' experience. Putting preliminary work in place has made me appreciate what they did for us even more; there are provisions for international students, stash, evening activities, college fairs, sponsorship; you need to attend a series of committee meetings and liaise with the college to ensure your visions for the week are aligned. If you're going to be a fresher in Autumn 2013, please hit the comments with some ideas about what you want from your freshers' experience - I'd love to hear from you!

Finally, now, I'm back home. There's a revision timetable all set up, which I stuck to pretty rigidly (still allowing for 11am lie ins, obviously) for the first 12 days or so before deciding it would be a good time to pause all that and just marathon old Skins episodes for a while. Good decision. I really miss all my uni friends! However, the holidays go way quicker than you'd think (especially as I have mock exams waiting for me as soon as I get back). It's good to catch up with everyone from home too, and it's so exciting to hear about what they've been up to. I can't wait to see what challenges are in store for the summer term.

As always if you have any comments or questions, let me know below!