Monday, 13 August 2012

Results Day (or "What to do when you know the worst is coming")

So, today is Monday 13th of August and in just a few minutes (I'm up of course - what's the point of holidays if you don't mess up your sleeping pattern by going to sleep at 2am every day?) I'll see the clock on my computer swing round to Tuesday 14th of August. So, essentially, it's two days to go.

How did it come around so fast? It seems like only yesterday exams were over and we were enjoying a whole load of post-exam parties, holidays, the leavers' ball, and saying "see you in August" while making jokingly pained expressions. For the first time it's been a holiday where we really don't know what's coming next - my little sister was taking her GCSEs while I was taking my A2s (and failed to convince me that "GCSEs are worse than A Levels!!!111") but she knows what's coming and can buy all the AS revision guides she wants. I reckon that I'm pretty similar to everyone else in that I'm irrationally nervous about jinxing myself by looking at reading lists or anything scary like that!

So, what are your plans for what is sure to be a long and tortuous day... August 15th? My friends and I have some ideas about how to make it fun; it's good to have something to look forward to, no matter what happens after! Here are some ideas; please note that these suggestions can also be used to help cure more serious cases of P.O.D. (Post Olympics Depression):

1. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
This is such a great idea that there is already a thread on The Student Room full of dozens of people who are going to be watching these epic films. Sure, you probably won't make it through all 1068 minutes, but it's still fun to watch a few of them and discuss why Dumbledore is the best headmaster ever. And, hey, you think your entry conditions are harsh? At least you don't need an Outstanding in OWL Potions to get into Snape's NEWT class. That, my friends, is tough.

2. Eat your own body weight in food
However it goes for you results-wise, Thursday is sure to be an exhausting day. Screaming and crying, whether it's due to elation or devastation, is tiring work - Mo Farah ain't got nothing on us! Therefore, it's important we need to fuel ourselves well the day before. In my case, this will probably involve popcorn, pizza, takeaways, crisps, hot chocolate, marshmallows, cake, and more E-numbers than you can shake a stick at. If this sends me into a food-coma from which I only manage to emerge from 12 months later, so much the better.

3. Remember the good times
If, in theory, just in theory, I was reminiscing back to childhood, I might remember all the things that helped me overcome the obstacles I faced when I was still wearing dungarees and still thought Snape was a bad guy. There was the Noah's Ark lamp that saved me from all those evil monsters that took a liking to lurking under my bed; there was the ratty blanket that cheered me up every time I had to make a sickness-inducing journey in the Big Green Dragon (it's a car, ok?). As a child, I survived being pushed off a float by a boy in the year above at the swimming pool; being wrongfully accused of having picked my nose in public; having to do the most difficultest exams of all time, SATs; being picked on by my evil little sister who only chose to victimise me because she didn't have my emotional maturity (obviously);  and having to pack up my bags and move to a different school where I didn't know anybody. Ew. Yet, thinking about it, if we got over all these seemingly insurmountable obstacles at the time, we can surely survive results day. Having Rabba, the Rabbit (even as a child, my naming skills were clearly stunning) on standby would not be a bad idea either. But this is just in theory of course. I don't need teddy bears to give me cuddles. I'm tough.

4. Familiarise yourself with the comfort blanket known as CLEARING
I am told that the Daily Telegraph publishes the definitive list of vacancies in Clearing on 16th, so a trip to the shops on your way to school to pick one up may be useful. Some helpful facts about clearing - you don't have to apply to the same courses as for your original UCAS application, there will always be vacancies except for the most competitive courses and universities, and people wishing to make use of vacancies in clearing must contact the universities directly to enquire after places. Let's hope we'll all make the offers we have, if we have them, but if not it's reassuring to know we can still make it to uni this year.

A massive GOOD LUCK to everyone reading this! Whatever happens, I bet five years from now we'll be looking back and laughing at ourselves for being so preoccupied by something that honestly won't affect everything we do in the future.

Emma xxx