Sunday, 6 May 2012

Can't Revise? Then listen to this...

I can't revise. That's probably obvious, given the fact that I'm typing this on a Sunday afternoon when I ought to be the most motivated, and with a Bank Holiday tomorrow this is a great chance to get some serious work done... but nope. Can't do it. So instead, I started googling 'motivational songs' which mostly seemed to result in articles detailing playlists for the gym. But hey, given the choice between running on a treadmill and leafing through a incomprehensible textbook... how different are they really?

Lots of people like revising in silence, or with calm music on in the background that sounds vaguely similar to a burbling tap. A few people I know will turn on the television just to have the sound of conversation in the background, to distract them from their thoughts of 'oh god I learnt this last week and I can't even remember what existentialism is panic panic panic.' I'm not one of that lot. And so, in no particular order, ten songs that will definitely motivate you to stop reading this and get back to work...

1. Reach - S Club 7 (LINK)
I think we can all agree that the feeling 'when it seems that all your hopes and dreams are a million miles away' is never more prevalent than during the revision period.

2. Staying Alive - The Bee Gees (LINK)
Okay I just like this song. I suppose it's relevant in that, whatever happens in that History Unit 3 paper you've been dreading, you're not very likely to keel over in the middle of it. Silver lining right there.

3. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen (LINK)
Bringing the 'fun' back to 'revision.' I personally feel that having 'don't stop me now 'cause I'm having a good time' booming in the background might trick your subconscious into actually enjoying a couple of hours of note-taking.

4. All These Things That I've Done - The Killers (LINK)
When there's nowhere else to run, and you've invented every possible excuse as to why you can't revise, is there room for one more maths paper? I think so.

5. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor (LINK)
Awesome song. I listened to it and tried typing at the pace of the 'dumdumdumdumdumdumdum' in the background... didn't work. Never mind! You'd think this song loses its cool when the fight it refers to actually ends up referring to the fight against your ever-present inclination towards general laziness, but it doesn't.

6. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor (LINK)
In a similar vein to 'Staying Alive' above. I get the relevance of 'At first I was afraid, I was petrified' but I failed in my quest to create an analogy to revision from 'thinking I could never live without you by my side' unless the "you" refers to UCAS Track. Never mind.

7. You're The Best - Joe Esposito (LINK)
So many good lyrics here. Even if 'you're the best around, nothing gonna ever keep you down' sounds like the sort of lie your mum might dredge up, the rest of it works. When I was checking the lyrics they'd even transcribed 'INSPIRING GUITAR SOLO' in the middle. I rest my case.

8. So What - P!nk (LINK)
So what if it's a nice day? So what if there are a billion more enjoyable things to do? So what if you accidentally ripped your folder into pieces and now have to carry it around in bits? (happened to me the other day)

9. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Wham! (LINK)
I'm sure we've all wondered what it would be like if we woke up too late for an exam... last year I got locked in the bathroom the morning of my C2 Maths exam and it had to be broken open with a crowbar, but that wasn't because I'd fallen asleep in the sink, it was because the door was rubbish.

10. Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & the Waves (LINK)
Okay this rather more fits the feeling you get when you're spilling out of the exam hall after your last paper, and you begin ranting to everyone who will listen about how rubbish the questions were while at the same time jumping up and down at the prospect of the long long summer ahead with nothing to do but relax. It's still a good revision song though.. a reminder of the light at the end of the tunnel!

Okay, so that's that! I feel like I've engaged in a sufficient amount of time wasting by typing it out, so maybe I'll follow my own advice and get back to the good old textbooks. As always, leave me a comment if you have a question/comment/criticism or if you want to share anecdotes of being motivated to pick up a pen and paper after having had the Teletubbies theme tune on loop for a while. If you've enjoyed this post or any of my others, please let UCAS know here!

Have a nice week!


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